Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Samantha of Indie Book Reviewers Reviews Insanity By Increments

“Insanity by Increments” was great!  It is a collection of literary short stories, and the style is difficult to master, telling a compelling ‘story’ in not only a short amount of time and space, but doing so where the words create the artistic message and the actual narrative and prose is just as important and powerful than the actual point of the story itself. This is not easy to do, but it seems that Alaric Cabiling pulls is off with an elegant ease that makes you just want to keep reading more and more. Loved these stories, especially “Omens of Winter” and “Dulcinea”. But all were deep, moving, and atmospheric, and had their own theme. Even the ones I didn’t *really* love (or understand) were still exceptionally well-written. Would definitely read more from this author in the future! 
(4-5 stars) Samantha, Indie Book Reviewers

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