Monday, January 25, 2016

Enjoy Reading This Excerpt From Insanity By Increments

I smiled at the boy, and he just looked at me. His mother tapped him on the arm and asked him to come with her towards my direction to sit at a nearby table, and then it happened.

He yelled, ”I don’t want to! Leave me alone, damn it!”

So, I thought, he isn’t a particularly nice boy. So what? The discrepancy sometimes shocks me. In comparison to my own childhood upbringing, it was a great dissimilarity that left me wondering what exactly could have been done about something that was doomed from its incendiary beginning. What went wrong from that point on? Everything.

But I had come to blame myself for not being strong enough to fight a man I was never meant to fight, never expected to stand up to, rise up against … so what was the glaring truth of the present moment that I tried hard to deny?

That nothing could have been done then, any more that can be done now that everything was gone.

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