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Alaric Cabiling, author of Insanity By Increments, is now on Shelfari by  Follow me and my work via the link below:

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The paperback edition of my collection of stories, Insanity By Increments is now available at

Metal Rules Reviews Insanity By Increments

I wrote for Metal Rules briefly and they were nice enough to review my new book, Insanity By Increments recently.   Reviewer Jarod Lawley has some interesting things to say about it.  Please check it out.  Click on the link below:

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Insanity By Increments is Featured Book of the Week!

Insanity By Increments has been chosen as a featured book of the week by Reader Views.  Check it out via the link below.  Thanks goes to Editor Susan Violante for the review and feature.

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The Readerviews Review and Feature of Insanity By Increments

Care of managing editor Susan Violante, the review of Insanity By Increments is also up on:

The review initially appeared on

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The latest review of Insanity By Increments

Here is the latest review of Insanity By Increments with credit from Susan V. of

Insanity by Increments: Stories is a collection of short stories by Alaric Cabiling that call to the darker rudiments of human existence. InsanityByIncrementsThe stories range from morose to vicious, to just plain sadness and desolation, as the characters deal with the inequities and trials of life.

The author takes his readers on an unnerving ride through nine different stories, with a haunting look into the duality of goodness and evil presiding within every human being. One man makes the ultimate sacrifice for his brother after their parents die within a few months of each other. A father mundanely trudges through the motions of life after the death of his only child. A boy is abandoned, first by his alcoholic father, then by his mother, as her plans for a new life don’t include him. Beauty queens long buried deep into the earth will pose for a final photo shoot at the whim of a madman. Cruelty is dosed out by one man in strangled silence over the years, after a tragic accident renders a “normal” life to be just out of reach.

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A four-star review for Insanity By Increments

Earl Messer (Reviewer) has just completed feedback for Insanity By Increments.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: Insanity By Increments is a collection of stories by Alaric Cabiling that is dark yet also thought-provoking. From what seems like nothing more than a summer visit with relatives to a story of a macabre photographer (or perhaps his employer is the macabre one? Or the wife?).

What is particularly effective is the way that the darkness (and there are definitely different shades of darkness here) can inhabit both obvious places, say a room with a few corpses in it, as well as the common places of everyday life such as a family home. Perhaps what Cabiling really shows us is that the darkness resides within us, all of us to some extent. It is when that darkness tries to enter the material world that things can go from strange to downright horrific.

Highly recommended for those interested in the short story form as well as character driven stories. Perhaps one line from "Frailty" sums it up for me when reading Cabiling's words: whatever was not being said...couldn't be pretty.

Reviewed from an ARC made available by the publisher via NetGalley.

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Insanity By Increments is still available at Barnes & Noble at a reduced price of $0.99 for Nook owners.  It is available at for a reasonable price of $2.99.  Please support indie writers who want to leverage the playing field with major publishers.  Insanity By Increments has yet to receive a bad review from various review outlets and fans.  Reviewers coming up to weigh in on Insanity By Increments includes Kirkus Reviews and Reader Views.  I will post them when ready.

I also wanted to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported Insanity By Increments. The paperback version is coming shortly to address the demand for fans of paper medium.  Stay tuned. The paperback version will be available at major online retailers soon. 

Another promo video is in the works for Insanity By Increments.  On it, I will read some excerpts to accompany the visual video editing treats.

I am also set to make appearances in the coming months.  First off is the James River Writer's Conference in October 2015.  Hope to see other writers and book fans there.  For future announcements, follow me here at

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An Excerpt from Insanity By Increments, Stories

Edward could have stayed to chat longer. Instead, he took out his wallet and proceeded to motion Danny over to tip him. Edward handed it to Danny, and Danny smiled as usual, thanking Edward and wishing him a safe trip. Edward walked out the door, seeing his BMW in its usual space. He got in, and turned the key in the ignition, but saw the silhouette of a woman hailing down a cab without much success, preventing him from leaving.

Isabel was flagging a taxi cab down. One by one, they drove past. Isabel saw an empty slow-moving cab approaching. Suddenly, the cab sprinted past, splashing her with standing water from the street. She took a little time gathering herself before looking for another cab, but every single one seemed to be occupied. Edward suddenly felt a wave of compassion come over him. She almost looked like a woman he dated a long time ago ... someone he had loved and lost. It stung to have remembered. During that relationship, love hadn’t been enough.

He called out to Isabel. “I’ll take you home, if it’s ok?” he asked her, his offer stunted by another splashing of the standing water.

She hesitated, but the downpour wasn’t getting any better. He seemed trustworthy enough. She weighed the pros and cons of letting her favorite author take her home in the midst of bad weather. He might have been her favorite author, but he was also a total stranger, a handsome articulate one no less.

It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. ”Sure. That would be wonderful,” she said with a smile.

- Dulcinea, Insanity By Increments, Author: Alaric Cabiling

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Excerpt Taken from Insanity By Increments

One October night, Marcela came home late, close to midnight. Saul was asleep in his room. I’d spent the greater part of the day with him, looking after him in the afternoon, cooking supper and feeding him, reading to him before bed. The street lamp sent a hazy light through the curtains, and I watched Marcela undress, ready to slip into her side of the bed, beside me. I waited patiently for her in the darkness.

“Where have you been?”

“Grant, I’m sorry. I thought you were asleep.”

She slid into the sheets quietly, facing the window outside, never once looking at me.

“I had something I needed to take care of,” she said. 

“What was it this time?”

“Just work. Go to sleep, honey.”

She might have expected me to stop there, but I pressed further. She was lost to me then. She had been for a while, seeing the man she'd met on one of her trips to Paris. I had even seen them in my dreams, their naked bodies, their smooth skin, making the kind of love that I had never known from her. She whispered sweet nothings to him and she had meant them, the way she never had with me, and never would.

“I know you’ve been unfaithful,” I told her, looking up at the ceiling, never once at her. She continued to face the window. She has resigned herself to this marriage, I thought to myself, eyes hot with anger and hurt. All she ever had to do was tell me she wanted out.

“Yes, I have been,” she said.

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New Review of Insanity By Increments by SPR

Here is another glowing review of Insanity By Increments care of Henry Baum of Self-Publishing Review.  Please click the link below to read the entire review.  I have also attached an excerpt below.  Thank you.

"The title is very apt: this collection is a slow burn. It’s not horror in the traditional sense, with jump scares and obvious terror, but it’s harrowing all the same. The stories are recommended for fans of Poe, Hawthorne, Lovecraft and Maupassant, but with a more modern sensibility. To this reviewer, that’s a very potent combination for a work of literary short fiction." - Henry Baum, SPR

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An Interview with Author Alaric Cabiling

Recently, blogger and proprietor of Donovan Literary Services, Diane Donovan, spoke with me about Insanity By Increments, my short career as a writer so far, my creative process, and my plans for the future.  Please check it out.  Thank you.

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More positive commentary recommending Insanity By Increments

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: An interesting take on the Gothic form, with some eerie tales, some tales of life on the downside of things and some tales of tragedy, which leave you feeling either down or disturbed, but none of which fail to stir emotions in the reader.
My favourites were "The Illusion of Progress", about a single parent father who lives for his young son, "Winter's Eden" about two students going to stay with their uncle and disabled aunt and "Hope Leaves" about a man whose wife is in a coma following an accident, all of which are imbued with heart break and tragedy.
On the more macabre side, the strange "Frailty" about a grave-robbing photographer working on a very strange assignment for a necrophiliac was decidedly attention-grabbing.
The writing style often belies the setting of the stories - I often felt that they were set in Victorian times due to the language and tone, only to discover they were far more contemporary, which added to the general sense of otherworldness.
The tales are subtle and eloquent - if you're looking for shocks and gore, then this isn't the collection for you. However if you want some wonderfully written tales from the darker side of life, then you should definitely investigate this further.

Reviewed by Helen Marquis, Netgalley

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Read the latest review of Insanity By Increments

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Full Text: Insanity by Increments is an interesting read. Made up of nine short stories/ novellas, the book resembles snapshots of life or of the human condition. The snapshots are of the darker side of humanity and each story will make you think. Bleak landscapes and bleaker outlooks set the tone of the book.
What I liked: While I enjoyed all of the stories in this book, there were two that stood out for me.
Frailty was my absolute favorite out of the collection. It's the story of a photographer whose talent lies in photographing the macabre, the grotesque, and he has just been commissioned for something far outside the norm. It is, however, his specialty to document the decay of flesh and bone and his latest job is to photograph the work of a serial killer. As with most of the stories, Frailty is filled with sexual tension but this story is tempered with horror. The narrator tells us, " Frailty is mankind's incurable weakness. All of life is fragile to the core. ... My own frailty works twofold: first, I suffer from a starvation for life, a libido with an insatiable appetite. ... Secondly, I suffer a fascination for the beauty of death. ..."
Dulcinea is the story of Edward, a well renowned author who spends his nights drinking in a neighborhood bar. Affluent and handsome, he is bored and disdainful of his own success. One night a beautiful woman comes in a changes everything for him. That is, if she was ever really there at all.
What I didn't like: I love reading dark fiction, the darker the better. However, this book was more than dark. It bordered on depressing and at times I had a hard time reading it. That said, this is still a great read and a good collection of stories that will definitely make you think.

Link Text: Insanity by Increments


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Another glowing review of Insanity By Increments!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Full Text: I don’t often read short stories as I prefer more character and plot development than short stories can offer. But sometimes a short story collection will catch my eye, like this one did. Who could resist that title?

There are a total of nine short stories in this collection. The whole book was only about 120 pages on my e-reader so each of the stories was quite short. However, this author uses every word to wonderful effect, with no fillers whatsoever. To me, these were more mood pieces rather than stories with a beginning and ending. Things aren’t always spelled out in black or white but rather are hinted at. The author expertly sets up a dark atmosphere for each story, with subtle psychological suspense running through them. I see that the author’s first book “Darkest Day” is a book of poetry and I can certainly see the heart of a poet in this short story collection.

The next time I see a short story book, I won’t be so quick to pass it by as I very much enjoyed reading these short bursts of literary prose. I read the book almost straight through but did have to stop after each story to contemplate it a bit before moving onto the next one. Highly recommended.

Link Text: Marjorie's World of Books

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Review of Insanity By Increments by Mihir Shah of US Review of Books

"It's like there's this stranger deep inside of you, sharing space in your mind, whispering, sabotaging everything."

Insanity by Increments is a collection of nine short stories, each filled with progressively ascending tension; each walks the fine line between reason and the dark impulsive tendencies of the human mind.

While the novel takes the title of the final story, the stories prior are the build up. In the opening story, "Once Found, Once More Forsaken," the image of the dead swans in the forest thrusts the reader into a somber mood and ensures that there will be no fitting, happy end. "The Illusion of Progress," paints a grim, albeit real portrait of life: marriages fail, accidents happen, and even when one might think they've hit rock bottom, there's still further down to go.

Cabiling does an incredible job of using the setting to depict the ominous mood of his narrative. Examples include phrases like, "furniture would sit somberly like tombstones."

"Winter’s Eden," is the story that stands out. The phrase Eden plants the forbidden fruit idea into the audience's mind. Whether it's the tension between Amy and her Uncle Henry, or Henry's reluctant fulfillment of his obligations to his paraplegic wife, Leticia, this story pushes the envelope.

To have a collection that repeatedly trumps predictable behavior is refreshingly original. "Frailty" toys with the macabre and will certainly get a gasp from its readers as the story spirals into a darkening world.

Interestingly, sexual tension is almost ubiquitous. However, the story with the least is possibly the most depressing: "Omens of Winter." Set in Scuttlefield, Cabiling shines light on a painstaking life of toiling the farm and resigning one's self to a lifetime of despair.

Overall, the simple structure makes for an easy read. The content, at times, resembles a fusion of Poe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Other times, it shatters the barriers of reason and lets readers dive into the horrific reality that is depression.


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The Second Press Release on

Alaric Al Necro Cabiling is happy to announce that his latest press release care of Dewar PR has also been published at

The press release can be searched via search tags "Al Necro" or "Insanity By Increments" under Press Releases, published by Alaric Cabiling Ltd.  The press release can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Interest in Insanity By Increments is building.  Alaric extends his thanks to Dewar PR, and everyone who has supported or contributed to the project.

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Midwest Book Review's Diane Donovan has posted her review of Insanity By Increments on her website under Recommended Reads.  Click on the link below:

Check out Midwest Book Review's May Issue featuring Ms. Donovan's reviews below:

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Book Review of Maile Meloy's Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want It.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maile Meloy might just be the most gifted short story teller in this postmodern era. There's a great deal of confidence in her narrative tone and the work is accessible for casual readers to love. There are stories done in the typical Chekov-inspired moral dillemma plot showcasing marital infidelity and middle-age meandering. There are stories that put lonely characters along the crossroads of reaching out to someone they're a long shot at dating. The plots are interesting and the language is confidence inspiring. Sure, some reviews are quick to point that some readers lose interest within moments of some stories, but I find that this isn't nearly the case. She builds momentum in just a few easy lines and the book leaves you wanting for more at the end of each read. Highly recommended!

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Second Promo Video for Insanity By Increments Now Streaming!


Here is the second promo for Alaric Cabiling's collection of short stories, Insanity By Increments.  The e-book is currently available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes Bookstore.  A warm, friendly thank you to everyone I've worked with on this project.  I also want to thank everyone who has come out in support of my work.                                      

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Review Excerpt from

"Insanity by Increments, Stories," a collection of short stories by Alaric Cabiling, takes its title from the last story in the book, but it might describe the reader if you decide to pull an all-nighter and read this volume in one sitting. 

Cabiling's stories are grounded in one of the long traditions of American short stories, from Melville's "Bartleby" to the Montana of Richard Ford: lonely men at odds with bleak landscapes, traumatized by a childhood that was often violent, and always lacking true emotional warmth. These narrators are frequently writers, artists, young men who are capable of creating their own strange stage settings so that even within this tradition, they come off as memorable. 

Some of Cabiling's protagonists live prosaic lives, some are definitely out on the fringe. The photographer of dead beauty queens in "Frailty" is as proud of his aesthetic skill and success as is the novelist in "Dulcinea," and Cabiling eases us through these nightmarish sequences by tossing in some Latin American magic realism. The tone throughout many of the stories is that of a surrealist move, where one absurd scene after the other continues to mount toward some dark inevitability. The endless days slipping away in a "wash of gray" against a pale sky are contrasted by closing time at motel bars, dark, gaudy rooms inhabited by people who do not really belong there—people on their way to and from somewhere else. You cannot help but be impressed by the author's ability to establish scene and pace within the first few paragraphs of his stories.

Review by John Nicolas,

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Book Review: William Trevor - A Bit On The Side

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Bit On The Side shows its stripes without so much as attempting to disguise them. Focusing on fluid language and moments of visceral impact, the tragedies and sad circumstances that beset the characters in A Bit On The Side truly reveal the tenuous nature of fragile relationships. Whether caught on a crossroads or unwillingly facing the end of a tryst, the characters here are approachable and intimate in their struggle against loneliness. William Trevor's body of work is awe-inspiring but I find that this collection more than the others he's written, truly reflects his capacity to shock and inspire his readers. Clearly, stories such as Solitude may not find many who relate to its hopeless acceptance of despair and loneliness, but every so often Trevor uses a character that we've all known intimately for at least some short time, and it is this aspect of his work that captures the reader's heart more so than characters that are out-of-step. Dare I say, that Trevor's A Bit On The Side is his most potent work? It is in my humble opinion, his most compelling.

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Insanity By Increments Promo Flyer Version 1.1

This is Insanity By Increments Promo Flyer Version 1.1. 
Updates include announcements of availability in Barnes & Noble Nook, and Alaric's social media accounts.

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Review of Insanity By Increments from Reader's Favorite

Insanity By Increments second review is another glowing five star appraisal.  See the link below to visit my Reader's Favorite Author Page.  The review can also be seen on my product page at Barnes & Noble:

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THE first review of Insanity By Increments!

Here is the first review for Insanity By Increments. The review will be published by Midwest Book Review for May. Many thanks to MBR and Diane Donovan.

Modern literary short fiction is not unusual: many attempt it; relatively few do it well - especially in the style of the gothic horror approach so aptly explored by Poe, Hawthorne, and other greats. That's why it's such a pleasure to read Insanity by Increments: it takes some of the methods and madness of these greats and moves a step further, presenting nine short stories of contemplation and quiet horror.

Take 'Once Found, Once More Forsaken', for example (the first story in the collection). The protagonist has slept through a storm and is expecting the arrival of his brother, a wealthy wanderer, that morning; but his chance encounter with an old schoolgirl introduces a sense of danger ("The air had an unusual odor, one that seemed to have followed the storm, with the rising waters replenishing the stagnant pools of the bog."), and what transpires next is anything but a congenial family visit.

Surreal moments, gently simmering mysteries, a woodland replete with death and growing horror - all this is gently woven into a story that opens with a receding storm and evolves into exquisitely challenging horror.

'Omens of Winter' is another heart-pull: it opens with a family dilemma and, once more, time is taken to paint scenes properly, right down to the creak of a door as a last generation stands strong against what is to come: "The ancient door still made a ratcheting sound at a point in its arc, and I was careful to not let it alarm them, sliding from behind it as I escaped into the hallway and up the stairs towards my room." When the family structure changes, the kids face many new choices - and dangers.

All are well-done, replete with psychological tension throughout. If it's nonstop staccato action that is desired, look elsewhere. If it's the slow simmer of a buildup that injects readers into the sights, sounds, and circumstances of all kinds of horror and insanity, choose Insanity by Increments: it's a deliciously complex treasure trove especially recommended for fans of literary Gothic fiction who want modern scenarios and representations in the context of a genre that receives (regrettably) little attention these days.

D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR

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Announcement: Free Copy in Exchange for Review

Hello google+ community members.  Want a free Kindle book of Insanity By Increments?  Write a review in exchange for the free copy and have your review distributed at online retailers that sell copies of Insanity By Increments.  Contact me at alaric dot cabiling at gmail dot com for promo copies.

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Promo Video for Insanity By Increments, Now Streaming!

Alaric P Cabiling's Insanity By Increments has its first promo video courtesy of the author.  Stream at Youtube via the link below:

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Reviewers interested in Insanity By Increments for a possible review can contact me at alaric dot cabiling at gmail dot com for a free promo copy.  Book bloggers are welcome to request.  Nook and Amazon reviewers also encouraged. 

For more info, please visit the link below for Press Release:

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April is National Poetry Month!  To show my love, support and dedication to the craft, I re-introduce my 2009 collection of poetry, The Darkest Day, released by Praenomen Press of Richmond, VA.

The Darkest Day will soon be available again on major retailers online as an e-book version.  Expect an enhanced version and plain text version with additional artwork by featured artists selected by Alaric himself.

+ this posting to support the release of The Darkest Day 2015 e-book version.  For National Poetry Month, submit your work to publishers nationwide.  Show your stripes, poetry writers, fans, lovers!

Thank you for your support!

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Insanity By Increments, stories, is now available on Kobo's e-book store.  Download and enjoy.

Thank you for your generous support.

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Insanity By Increments is now available on  Kindle Unlimited users can read for free. Other Kindle users can avail of the reduced price, for limited time only, starting now!

For more information on the author, Alaric "Al Necro" Cabiling, read his press release on  Click on the link below:


Insanity By Increments, Stories is now available at for a reduced price, limited time only.  Please support good authors.  Leave a review for your favorite books at the bottom of the product page.  Thank you.

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Author News

Insanity By Increments is now available at  Free promo copies are available to interested media outlets.  Please contact me at alaric dot cabiling at gmail dot com

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Author News

Insanity by Increments Exclusive iBooks Version 2015 is due for completion before the end of January.  Publication will follow shortly after completion of final proofread.  For e-Pub version readers, the 2015 Insanity by Increments e-Pub Version 2015 is in the works.  Please be patient.  Thank you for your support!