Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Excerpt from My Upcoming Collection of Poetry, Drowning in Sanguine Dreams

Here is an advance peak at my latest poetry collection slated for release in 2018 called Drowning in Sanguine Dreams. It's a tribute to my Dad.  It was very painful to write, but I hope you like it.

All these years, you’ve cast me in the clay of your shadow.
But, I seemed to love only myself.

My world was an antinomic array of colors.  Your world was stringent lines, and tetrahedrons.
I once made you guess where I could have been, never where I should have been.  Why?  Why, Dad?
Why did I give you a hard time?

Now that you’re gone, there’s no noose hanging lazily around my neck, waiting for its turn at being fastened tightly.
Now that you’re gone, I’m more unhappy than I’ve ever been.

Romance is such a waste of time.  Finding friendship in an open handshake and an acrimonious split by text message.
Family never calls sacrifice sacrifice. Family never expects forgiveness. You taught me that.
I could never tell you I loved you face to face, but I always have, no matter how hard I tried to hide it.
Now that you’re gone, there’s an insufferable emptiness devouring everything that made me whole.
Until I become the void itself that consumes my soul.

Seeing you there, sprawled on the ground, EMS trying to save you, pounding at your heart, willing it to live…
When I had broken it long ago.
Did it ever occur to me that I could lose you?  Did it ever dawn on me that you could go?
Now that you’re gone, shadow and light roll into one everlasting twilight, and hither I roam, searching like a young lamb seeking his shepherd.

For years, it was you, me and Mom.
No one else.  Christmas just the three of us. A nucleus.  An indestructible atom.
Yet I took you for granted.  I never said how much it hurt that you never bragged about me to our other relations.  You’d talk about my brothers, my sister.

But you gave so much of yourself to me.  You didn’t leave because you loved us.
We’re family.  We’ll always be.

Dreams are quiet when I ask you to come.
Sleep is restful.  I have nowhere to run.
Daylight is miserable.  Night time worse.  Splendor is a memory.  But, we’ve been through worse  than people could put us through.
Never as much as it hurts to lose you.

In a world where I was wrong, you defended me.  At an age when I am expected to stand alone, you lifted me up.
Now that you’re gone, the world is a barren husk.  A cavity in my chest carries nothing.
For I am nothing.
I was nothing.
Until you brought me into this world and called me your son.

Promote Literary Advocacy

In the wake of new technology bringing more than its share of trouble in modern-day society, more than ever, writers and readers everywhere need to spread the word about literary advocacy. Encourage your children to read.  Better yet, read to your children.  Buy them books, or gift cards from bookstores this holiday season, instead of gadgets and toys that often endanger more than help them. Literature enriches lives. The classics are vital for well-educated, well-rounded citizens who participate in the democratic process.  This past election, we can already see a trend in the decline of literary advocacy leading to a further decline in the importance people put on education. Spread the word. Talk about literary advocacy. Reading a book IS better than watching a movie. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Thank You to Readers Everywhere.

It's still surprising to me that Insanity By Increments has been so well-received, so I want to thank all the reviewers, promoters and readers who came out to support Insanity By Increments.  In light of reviews naming Insanity By Increments my best work so far, I am humbled and thankful for a stout literary audience, even in this day and age.

Thank you.