Friday, January 22, 2016

More High Praise for Insanity By Increments!

This was a lovely read that I got through in the course of a few hours. I like reading short stories on occasion to switch it up from my normal routine, and because I feel that when done right they can affect you in a different way than a long book or novel can. Overall I found the writing quality to be superb, and I was truly impressed with the amount of amazing word choices Cabiling managed to utilize in such a short amount of space. I really enjoyed the writing and the atmosphere of each one, even though they are a bit on the darker side. I really liked the stories “The Illusion of Progress” and Frailty” because to me those spoke to me the most.  An interesting and eclectic collection, but all unified with strong, beautiful writing and a sense of deeper emotion. Highly recommend. (4 stars) - Steph Coleman

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