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Book Review of Maile Meloy's Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want It.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maile Meloy might just be the most gifted short story teller in this postmodern era. There's a great deal of confidence in her narrative tone and the work is accessible for casual readers to love. There are stories done in the typical Chekov-inspired moral dillemma plot showcasing marital infidelity and middle-age meandering. There are stories that put lonely characters along the crossroads of reaching out to someone they're a long shot at dating. The plots are interesting and the language is confidence inspiring. Sure, some reviews are quick to point that some readers lose interest within moments of some stories, but I find that this isn't nearly the case. She builds momentum in just a few easy lines and the book leaves you wanting for more at the end of each read. Highly recommended!

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Second Promo Video for Insanity By Increments Now Streaming!


Here is the second promo for Alaric Cabiling's collection of short stories, Insanity By Increments.  The e-book is currently available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iTunes Bookstore.  A warm, friendly thank you to everyone I've worked with on this project.  I also want to thank everyone who has come out in support of my work.                                      

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Review Excerpt from

"Insanity by Increments, Stories," a collection of short stories by Alaric Cabiling, takes its title from the last story in the book, but it might describe the reader if you decide to pull an all-nighter and read this volume in one sitting. 

Cabiling's stories are grounded in one of the long traditions of American short stories, from Melville's "Bartleby" to the Montana of Richard Ford: lonely men at odds with bleak landscapes, traumatized by a childhood that was often violent, and always lacking true emotional warmth. These narrators are frequently writers, artists, young men who are capable of creating their own strange stage settings so that even within this tradition, they come off as memorable. 

Some of Cabiling's protagonists live prosaic lives, some are definitely out on the fringe. The photographer of dead beauty queens in "Frailty" is as proud of his aesthetic skill and success as is the novelist in "Dulcinea," and Cabiling eases us through these nightmarish sequences by tossing in some Latin American magic realism. The tone throughout many of the stories is that of a surrealist move, where one absurd scene after the other continues to mount toward some dark inevitability. The endless days slipping away in a "wash of gray" against a pale sky are contrasted by closing time at motel bars, dark, gaudy rooms inhabited by people who do not really belong there—people on their way to and from somewhere else. You cannot help but be impressed by the author's ability to establish scene and pace within the first few paragraphs of his stories.

Review by John Nicolas,

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Book Review: William Trevor - A Bit On The Side

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Bit On The Side shows its stripes without so much as attempting to disguise them. Focusing on fluid language and moments of visceral impact, the tragedies and sad circumstances that beset the characters in A Bit On The Side truly reveal the tenuous nature of fragile relationships. Whether caught on a crossroads or unwillingly facing the end of a tryst, the characters here are approachable and intimate in their struggle against loneliness. William Trevor's body of work is awe-inspiring but I find that this collection more than the others he's written, truly reflects his capacity to shock and inspire his readers. Clearly, stories such as Solitude may not find many who relate to its hopeless acceptance of despair and loneliness, but every so often Trevor uses a character that we've all known intimately for at least some short time, and it is this aspect of his work that captures the reader's heart more so than characters that are out-of-step. Dare I say, that Trevor's A Bit On The Side is his most potent work? It is in my humble opinion, his most compelling.

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Insanity By Increments Promo Flyer Version 1.1

This is Insanity By Increments Promo Flyer Version 1.1. 
Updates include announcements of availability in Barnes & Noble Nook, and Alaric's social media accounts.

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Review of Insanity By Increments from Reader's Favorite

Insanity By Increments second review is another glowing five star appraisal.  See the link below to visit my Reader's Favorite Author Page.  The review can also be seen on my product page at Barnes & Noble:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

THE first review of Insanity By Increments!

Here is the first review for Insanity By Increments. The review will be published by Midwest Book Review for May. Many thanks to MBR and Diane Donovan.

Modern literary short fiction is not unusual: many attempt it; relatively few do it well - especially in the style of the gothic horror approach so aptly explored by Poe, Hawthorne, and other greats. That's why it's such a pleasure to read Insanity by Increments: it takes some of the methods and madness of these greats and moves a step further, presenting nine short stories of contemplation and quiet horror.

Take 'Once Found, Once More Forsaken', for example (the first story in the collection). The protagonist has slept through a storm and is expecting the arrival of his brother, a wealthy wanderer, that morning; but his chance encounter with an old schoolgirl introduces a sense of danger ("The air had an unusual odor, one that seemed to have followed the storm, with the rising waters replenishing the stagnant pools of the bog."), and what transpires next is anything but a congenial family visit.

Surreal moments, gently simmering mysteries, a woodland replete with death and growing horror - all this is gently woven into a story that opens with a receding storm and evolves into exquisitely challenging horror.

'Omens of Winter' is another heart-pull: it opens with a family dilemma and, once more, time is taken to paint scenes properly, right down to the creak of a door as a last generation stands strong against what is to come: "The ancient door still made a ratcheting sound at a point in its arc, and I was careful to not let it alarm them, sliding from behind it as I escaped into the hallway and up the stairs towards my room." When the family structure changes, the kids face many new choices - and dangers.

All are well-done, replete with psychological tension throughout. If it's nonstop staccato action that is desired, look elsewhere. If it's the slow simmer of a buildup that injects readers into the sights, sounds, and circumstances of all kinds of horror and insanity, choose Insanity by Increments: it's a deliciously complex treasure trove especially recommended for fans of literary Gothic fiction who want modern scenarios and representations in the context of a genre that receives (regrettably) little attention these days.

D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR

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Announcement: Free Copy in Exchange for Review

Hello google+ community members.  Want a free Kindle book of Insanity By Increments?  Write a review in exchange for the free copy and have your review distributed at online retailers that sell copies of Insanity By Increments.  Contact me at alaric dot cabiling at gmail dot com for promo copies.

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Promo Video for Insanity By Increments, Now Streaming!

Alaric P Cabiling's Insanity By Increments has its first promo video courtesy of the author.  Stream at Youtube via the link below:

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Reviewers interested in Insanity By Increments for a possible review can contact me at alaric dot cabiling at gmail dot com for a free promo copy.  Book bloggers are welcome to request.  Nook and Amazon reviewers also encouraged. 

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