Saturday, December 20, 2014

Excerpt from Insanity By Increments iBooks Exclusive Version 2015

Here is another excerpt from a story in Insanity By Increments, Stories, to be released in January 2015.  Enjoy:

I stared at Saul’s picture, knowing I would never see him the same way again. In his grave, his remains slept soundly. I awoke each day, realizing that I would have to soldier on without him. Heaven help me, I thought aloud at times, for I had never been brave enough. I feared the worst. There would be no triumph over tragedy. There was only a man standing before his son’s grave, with a hand covering half his face with grief. Melancholy would follow all his days and all his nights; sorrow would taint his hapless smile.

In the wake of loss, and the subsequent ruination of it all, there spoke a truth that all men had to know. The world rises anew as man mourns its fall. But Saul? His death meant the end of everything I held dear.

He would come to my dreams sometimes. His face had a ghostly pallor, and his eyes were distressed. I didn’t quite know how to tell him that life had ceased to mean anything to me. The house felt like a crypt. All day long, I brooded in the darkness. All these years, I’ve lived an illusion of progress.

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