Friday, February 24, 2017

An Excerpt from Hope Leaves, found in Insanity By Increments, Stories

"The silence swept the room for a moment and it must have been a little awkward because Wiley had to try hard to get the conversation moving forward again. I tried my best to follow what he was saying and smile. I didn’t want them to feel sorry for me.  I’d done my best to cope with what had happened. At some point everyone wants to turn back the clock and change things.

I kept telling myself that life hadn’t passed me by, that there was a reason to hope. I didn’t want to lie still while everything changed for the worst. I was blessed to have friends who cared, and family who were supportive. What more could I want from life?

Megan here with us. A son, maybe a daughter or two. The life we’d planned to live together. The life that seemingly escaped us.

Instead, we’d have our usual get-togethers. See-you-laters at the nursing home at 5:00 sharp, the tears, the I love yous, the farewells."

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