Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Insanity By Increments is still available at Barnes & Noble at a reduced price of $0.99 for Nook owners.  It is available at for a reasonable price of $2.99.  Please support indie writers who want to leverage the playing field with major publishers.  Insanity By Increments has yet to receive a bad review from various review outlets and fans.  Reviewers coming up to weigh in on Insanity By Increments includes Kirkus Reviews and Reader Views.  I will post them when ready.

I also wanted to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported Insanity By Increments. The paperback version is coming shortly to address the demand for fans of paper medium.  Stay tuned. The paperback version will be available at major online retailers soon. 

Another promo video is in the works for Insanity By Increments.  On it, I will read some excerpts to accompany the visual video editing treats.

I am also set to make appearances in the coming months.  First off is the James River Writer's Conference in October 2015.  Hope to see other writers and book fans there.  For future announcements, follow me here at

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